Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect?


07-IMG_3481-1The daily prompt (admittedly, from a few days ago) was to show and/or tell about a talent you wish you had.  Well…I wish I could paint.  I have painted walls, furniture and even a few fences … but that’s not what I mean.  I would love to be able to take some paint, a sable brush, and a canvas and create a masterpiece that is worthy of a place on someone’s wall (preferably in the living room rather than the downstairs loo!).  My grandfather could paint … I have several of his works of art … but, alas, I did not inherit that gene.  I guess I shall have to be content to “paint” my view of the world through a lens.

By the way … the photograph below was taken in Old Montreal.  After I took the photo I noticed that the artist had a little sign that showed a camera with a line through it (no photos SVP).  Zut alors!


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