Maplewood Flats – North Vancouver, BC

flowers, Nature, Photographs

The Maplewood Conservation Area is easy to miss if you aren’t expressly looking for it. This 96 hectare gem, managed by the Wild Bird Trust of BC, is tucked between the Dollarton Highway and the Burrard Inlet. 0X8A0123

It seemed to be relatively quiet on the day we visited “the mudflats” (as it is known to many of the locals). With the exception of a few bird watchers, we felt like we had the place all to ourselves. 0X8A0023To our right, as we headed toward the entrance to the trail area, we were greeted by an ironic public art installation – From Shangri-la to Shangri-la. Artist Kevin Lum’s creation pays homage to the squatter’s shacks that once dotted the local shoreline. The original shacks, many of which were homes to artists and writers, were burned to the ground in the early 1970s by the District of North Vancouver.


From Shangri-la to Shangri-La ~ Artist Kevin Lum

It was just a short walk down the trail to the waterfront.

While the waterfront views were amazing, we also managed to find some interesting inland sights.


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