Weekly Challenge – Ooh, Shiny!


I can totally relate to this week’s theme. There are so many wonderful and interesting things that deserve attention. Look at that bird! Wow – do you see the size of that flower? The detail on that building is just amazing! You get the idea. Part of the reason that I love photography so much is that I am able to capture these “shiny moments” that give me so much joy. A recent trip to the botanical garden at the University of British Columbia resulted in one of these special moments.


I was fascinated by this sculpture by artist William Pye that welcomed us into this lovely garden theater. I have no idea if the streaks of rust are intentional, but I think they add a certain je ne sais quoi to this reflective work of art. It’s also shiny. And I love shiny!


Weekly Challenge – Shiny


Weekly Photo Challenge – Elemental


This photo, which captures a number of natural elements, seemed a perfect choice for this week’s photo challenge. From this vantage point you can make out the town of Squamish (the English translation for this Salishan word is “Mother of the Wind”). If you look closely you can also make out the Squamish River that branches off from Howe Sound.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Elemental

Lighthouse Park – West Vancouver

Nature, Photographs

During the recent BC Day holiday, we decided to check out Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. Apparently we weren’t the only ones with this brilliant idea. Fortunately, we managed to find a parking spot at about the same time we were getting ready to switch to our  plan B (which was a good thing considering we didn’t actually have a plan B).



After a quick read of the park’s information board, we decided we would head straight down the main trail towards the Point Atkinson Lighthouse. Although we expected the lighthouse to be the main attraction, the walk down the trail was nothing short of spectacular. Centuries old trees, and massive granite boulders, form natural boundaries along the path that gently winds downhill towards the Burrard Inlet.

The next surprise was the multi-coloured Arbutus trees. Such a contrast from the Douglas Firs, Western Redcedars and Western Hemlocks.

The trees eventually give way to a spectacular shoreline. The giant boulders provide a wonderful vantage point to enjoy a panoramic view of Vancouver. From here you can see all the way from Stanley Park to the University of British Columbia. The view on this day was hampered by a smokey haze from distant forest fires, though it was still pretty amazing!

We finally we made our way over to our original destination point – the Point Atkinson Lighthouse. This 100+ year-old structure, that stands 60 feet tall, is still in operation today.

The Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve – Chilliwack, BC

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I have a fascination with birds and am always on the lookout for places they are known to congregate. The Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve is just such a place. Although we didn’t time our recent visit during the best viewing season, we still managed to spot a few of these long-legged beauties.

Even if you aren’t interested in birds (which I find hard to imagine!), perhaps you will enjoy taking a stroll along one, or more, of the walking loops located throughout the Reserve.

The Tower Trail boasts … wait for it … a tower! If you aren’t afraid of heights it is worth the short trip up to the top. In addition to being a great vantage point to take in the surrounding landscape, there are several interpretive signs that make for an interesting read.

It pays to take your time as you wander down the cottonwood tree-lined trails – there are many tiny treasures to take in.