Aldergrove Regional Park

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This park has something for everyone! The main hiking trail – Pepin Brook Loop – is a 3km route that winds through the park. When you reach the eastern edge you can choose to continue along the Pepin Brook Loop, or veer left up a path towards Lefeuvre road. If you choose the latter you will connect up with the Rock-N-Horse Trail, a popular spot for horseback riding.



Natural formation

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This week’s photo challenge – to highlight the structure of something often overlooked. I think that fungi probably fit into this category.

I came upon this particular specimen on a recent walk. I think that its structure is quite beautiful – with its symmetric “wings” in shades of green and brown. Like a butterfly that is ready to take flight.


Next time you take a walk, don’t forget to look down. You never know what fascinating features might be hiding in plain sight.

Photo Challenge – Structure


Weekly Photo Challenge – Corner

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Lighthouse PointThe immediate image that came to mind when I saw this week’s challenge theme (“corner”), is the corner of a room. Just two blank walls coming together. I know – a bland and uninspired word association.¬†After giving it some thought, I imagined the word “corner” in broader terms. Corners don’t have to be 90 degree angles – they can be round. Corners can be meeting places. You can “see around a corner”. As I looked through my photo collection I realized that the following photos, taken at the Brockton Point Lighthouse in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, are great representations of this theme.

View from beneath the lighthouseStairs at Lighthouse Point0X8A2121.jpg

Weekly Photo Challenge – Corner

Surrey Lake Park – An Urban Surprise


This wonderful wetland park, in the middle of Surrey, has a lot to offer the urban explorer who appreciates green space. The centerpiece of this park is, of course, the lake for which it is named. 0X8A0436.JPG

Dogs are also frequent visitors to the park (though owners are asked to keep them out of the water due to the sensitive marine habitat).


Surrounding the lake is a well-groomed trail. The strategically placed benches welcome visitors to sit and stay awhile. Be warned though! At the north end of the park it pays to stay alert for stray golf balls from the neighbouring golf course. Fore!


As you make your way past the lake, you come to a decision point. Should you go left or should you go right? Well, you can’t go wrong with your choice as this is the entrance to a 1.5km loop. About 1/3 of the loop takes you through an open grassland area. You’re advised to look skyward during this part of the trail as you are likely to see more of the birds who call the park home.

There are also many interesting things to see closer to the ground. The flowers found along the edge of the path appear to be unintentional; perhaps transplanted by the bees who work here.

0X8A04910X8A0487The other part of the trail leads through a forested space which is a welcome relief on a hot, sunny day.